Sunday, 4 December 2011

Saying No Isn't Easy!!

I believe that saying NO to anybody

whether that 2 be ur One's as ur family, kid, spouse, parent,

it doesnt matter in can be still "HARD".

It jus pays to it anyway,

especially always SAY NO up front.

Peoples are going to hate u no matter what thats called life

sO what they'll get over it or not.

U always Owe urself 2 be gOod and kind to self,

Obviously ur fren is gOt SELF down pack.

I've seen sO call friends like that everyting was ine sided,

when i had enough of that proudely walked awy with my pride

that I always refuse to give.

If feel gOod to free myself fro the wrong peoples.

U should try it without any regrets..!!

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